Sacred Codes of Merlin

€ 33,00

This is an activation and information Tool that is co-created by Méline Lafont with the assistance of Master

Merlin. This attunement and activation consist of an audio Light language activation, an E-Book and geometric codes that will assist you during your attunement.


This is especially created and channeled to assist you with the activation and embodiment of the Magician – Wizard Template and the Master Template as codes. Therefore this Tool and the words written in this format are encoded.

Master Merlin has assisted in this co-creation with the Geometric Codes and light language.


Archetype of the Magician - Wizard

This activation can assist you in a way to activate your own Alchemy in the heart space.

It is therefore my intention and my wish to create and to pass on these Sacred codes as encoded information and Light Language. This to assist you in the awakening of your own Alchemy on the inner plane and to bring this Alchemy forth into a Mastery of your experience as Self through life.


Archetype of the Master Template


Each Master is a certain field of consciousness with a specific frequency that holds its resonance within the field of awareness. These Lords of Light, also called Masters, are Templates of Light that each bring forward a certain degree of Enlightenment. This through the Body field of Self awareness.